Find Board Management Software for CEOs and Executive board members

With digital meeting management, you increase the efficiency of your board meetings. Whether board meetings or works council meetings – the board software supports you in planning, conducting, and following up on such arrangements. 

How can board software help CEO?

The chief executive officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking officer in a company whose primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, managing all of the company’s operations and resources, acting as the primary liaison between the board of directors, corporate operations, and the public face companies. Corporate management for CEO means responsibility, a variety of tasks, and a high workload. Therefore, it is more critical to conduct meetings at the management level as efficiently as possible to ensure that everything runs smoothly and derives the most significant potential benefit. Many factors play a decisive role here: What does a meaningful agenda look like? Which processes lead to concrete results in the meeting? And how can these results be made available in the company processes and structures?

To achieve these goals, the CEO must solve several strategic and tactical issues. However, often in the flow of everyday affairs, we lose sight of priority tasks and stop monitoring their implementation. With the board management software, it will not happen. With this digital platform CEO and other board members can hold productive meetings, effectively coordinate and make decisions on various issues, create assignments and monitor their implementation. In addition, the software allows the collegial bodies to track an issue throughout its life cycle – from the moment it is raised to the decision on it and the control of its implementation – their goals become results.

How to find a good board portal for executive board members?

Where classic meeting management reaches its limits, digital meeting management expands and offers users the opportunity to organize board meetings in a modern and efficient way. Digital meeting management is a modern, intuitive and digital solution for optimizing complex structures. According to, the solution minimizes the effort and increases the benefit of board meetings. You benefit from time savings and the optimal management of agenda, resources, participants, and responsibilities.

Nowadays, there are many reliable alternatives for organizing board meetings in the online format. However, if the CEO wants to choose a suitable software vendor, he should define the features and functions that are in priority for him. In general, the board software ensures the following capabilities to its users:

  • Focus on management tasks by working in separate information spaces;

  • Accelerate the definition of the agenda and work plan of the meetings, the coordination of minutes, and the appointment of persons responsible for issues;

  • Online access to all materials and decisions of meetings, regardless of location;

  • Get a clear picture of the results of the work of both collegiate bodies as a whole and individual employees;

  • Simplify the planning of participation in meetings, including when working in several collegiate bodies;

  • Identify risks in organizing a meeting and receiving comprehensive information on the progress of its preparation;

  • Minimize errors and time costs associated with organizing and holding meetings “manually”.

Another important task of the board software is to ensure such a state of working with documents in which each board member can obtain the necessary documents and the necessary information at any time without much effort. With traditional paper workflow, when the volume of processed documents is several thousand, it is impossible to achieve such a state of affairs. Modern information technologies come to the rescue, organizing electronic document management and exchange following the rules and regulations adopted by the company.