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Transform the Way for Share Board Materials with the Boardroom Software

Sharing board materials with the board room software designed specifically for online meetings with colleagues and clients and has everything you need to manage board meetings.

The Best Way to Share Board Meetings with the Board Room Software

Almost every principle you know as a meeting manager or host applies to board meetings. In cyberspace, you are expected to start a meeting at a scheduled time, define the objectives of the meeting, invite the right people to it, and so on. But if you don’t have the skills to conduct face-to-face meetings, then these shortcomings will be especially acute during a teleconference.

Boardroom software allows you to store content in the largest global cloud infrastructure, designed to meet the requirements of customers who require the highest level of security. Data is encrypted both during transmission and during storage. The service allows you to view the actions of users and administrators in order to know who works with what data.

The minutes of a board room software is a written record of everything that happens at the meeting. The minutes are often used for informational purposes and to bring up to date those who were absent from the meeting. Be sure to complete the agenda of the meeting before it starts so that you have time to prepare the minutes template, and then record everything that happens at the meeting. With the help of our template, you can turn information from the minutes into instructions so that the work does not stop and does not go unnoticed.

Provide board meetings with a centralized business collaboration space where everyone stays up to date with the latest news, has access to the most up-to-date versions of each document, and can share results and ideas. The board room software’s flexible user interface allows every team to connect and share information any way they want, including sales, design and marketing, customer relationship management, and many others.

How to Transform the Board Materials with the Boardroom Software?

The board versions on provide additional tools for teamwork, and also offer an increased level of security (for example, two-factor authentication). In the card, you can exchange comments with other users, attach participants, add tags, and use a checklist.

Share board materials with the boardroom software, a service designed for both individual and corporate use. In addition to working with tasks, it allows you to create documents and knowledge bases. Board materials can be public and open to all team members, or private to private or confidential conversations. Shared channels allow two different organizations to work together and collaborate in real-time.

To transform the board materials with the board room software, specify the access level for your projects:

  • Select one of the following options to define access rights.
  • Select by invitation only to share the project with specific stakeholders.
  • Select the public to share the project with a wider audience, you can set a password if necessary.

With the boardroom software, you can now submit documents and other files stored in WorkDocs for approval. An approval workflow automatically uploads files to approvers, creates tasks for them, and sends out reminders and notifications. You can also monitor the status of approval requests and view lists of documents awaiting approval. This flexibility allows you to tailor project management and task tracking to specific circumstances and goals, as well as change the system over time.