Switch to TV

How to connect switch to TV?

Despite numerous innovations in the field of wireless Internet connectivity, the cable LAN connection is still alive. So, this article will provide a guide on how to connect Switch to TV.

What is a network switch for and which one is better to choose?

Despite the “immobility” of the switch, many users prefer the cable connection to the local network for games, watching high-quality streaming video, and the fastest download from the Internet. Network switches greatly facilitate the task of connecting many different devices to the Internet, because with the help of a switch you can connect them all to one router.

A switch is a device that allows you to connect multiple sections of a computer network. A switch is something like a bridge between computers and a network. Unlike a hub, such a device is able to transmit packets to a specific recipient, which reduces the load on the network by optimizing its performance. It also has a positive effect on security.

There are three ways to connect. Each of them is a combination of parameters such as latency and transmission reliability.

  • With intermediate storage (Store and Forward). The switch reads all the information in the frame, checks it for errors, selects the switching port, and then sends the frame to it.
  • Cut-through. The switch reads only the destination address in the frame and then switches. This mode reduces transmission delays, but there is no error detection method.
  • Fragment-free or hybrid. This mode is a modification of the pass-through mode. Transmission is carried out after filtering fragments of collisions (the first 64 bytes of the frame are analyzed for the presence of an error and, if there is no error, the frame is processed in end-to-end mode).

Traditionally, there are  types of switches as managed and unmanaged. The first one is more functional. They provide flexible security settings and access levels. Besides, such devices differ in the number of ports. The more ports, the more TVs you can connect to one switch.

Connect and configure the switch

It is very easy to connect an unmanaged switch, as such models support Plug & Play technology. This means simply connecting the device to the router with an Ethernet cable and then connecting the computers to the switch. After that, everything will work: no additional settings are required.

In the case of a managed model, it is not so easy to connect. The fact is that such important points as:

  • IP – it may match the address of the router or other network equipment.
  • DHCP – can be activated on the switch.

To connect the switch the following steps should be followed:

  1. The switch must first be connected to the TV with  HDMI cable. Next, you need to go to the settings using a web browser.
  2. For the default connection, the following are usually used:
  • IP address
  • login admin
  • password is admin.

  3. You will be asked to choose the language and region of residence. Once you have made your choice, you must accept the terms of the end-user license agreement. Well, you may not accept, but if you want to use the console, you will have to.